The Athena is a personal manufacturing robot: it looks like (and is) a 3-D printer, but it can also mill PCBs, cut vinyl, print with pastes and much more. It is a general purpose 3-D manipulator. Almost any task where 3-D automation is useful can be done with Athena. Let your imagination flow.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions: Approximately cylindrical, height 61 cm, diameter 44 cm.
  • Work volume: Approximately cylindrical, height 20 cm, diameter 25 cm.
  • Positioning precision: Depends on position, 18 μm in the center.
  • Weight: 8 kg.
  • Maximum speed: Depends on tool, printing tool moves well up to 250 mm/s, printing reliably up to 70 mm/s.
  • Hot end: Hexagon (all metal).
  • Heated bed: No, but can be added.
  • Tested print materials: PLA, ABS, PP, T-Glase, Nylons.
  • Electronics: Beaglebone Green plus AVR based board.
  • Firmware: Franklin.
  • Power: 24 V, up to 90 W.

If you want to know anything else about Athena, please send us a message.


Athena is the mythical Greek goddess of among other things wisdom, inspiration, the arts, crafts, and skill. Our machine is named after her, because we hope it will inspire its owners in the same way that Athena inspired heroes like Odysseus.

Phidias was an ancient architect and sculptor. One of his famous works is Athena’s statue at the Parthenon in Athens.