Introducing Athena, the Personal Manufacturing Robot

Athena is a RepRap that does much more than 3-D print. It mills printed circuit boards and other soft materials, prints with pastes like silicone, mashed potatoes, ceramic and frosting. It can cut vinyl stickers and fabrics, and it even draws. And that’s just what we’ve come up with so far, there’s much more to come.

Athena comes as kit, and assembly is surprisingly easy with our wiki-based assembly instructions. Since it’s a RepRap, it prints its own parts. All the tool holders are printed, too. It’s open source hardware that also runs open-source software. Speaking of software, Athena is so flexible that we had to write new software to control it. Franklin is every bit as flexible as Athena and lets you make things you’ve only dreamed of making so far. Everything required to get Athena built and running is available at our github repositories.

We will be selling kits so you don’t have to source all the parts in the bill of materials or cut steel and print parts yourself. We’re currently running a crowd funding campaign¬† to get it all going.¬† Please give us your support!

We’ll be posting details on how to use some of the tools on this blog.

Stay tuned!

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